Gymnastics is one of the world’s biggest, most exciting, dynamic and daring sports. 

Physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance are the sports core components however participation in gymnastics activity also develops confidence, creativity and leadership, not to mention a healthy body and mind. 

It promotes an active, physical lifestyle and develops key motor skills. 


2 to 4 years | Boys and Girls

(Parent participation required)

Our FUNdamentals movement programme is designed and developed by British Gymnastics in conjunction with early years specialists to help younger children from toddler to 4 years acquire essential physical, social and emotional life skills.The programme has been developed with six early learning goals in mind – (Social, Physical, Linguistic, Intellectual, Creative, Educational) and all of the activities can be practised safely under the guidance of our friendly and welcoming GYMNASTICS CLINIC coaches.

Ages 5+  | Boys and Girls

The Core Proficiency follows on from FUNdamentals for beginners and children aged 5 years & upwards. The scheme assists in the progressive development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination and incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities. 

Ages 5+  | Boys and Girls

Assists in the development of Core fitness (Strength, power, flexibility, co-ordination) and gymnastics skills. The scheme offers a range of activities including Fitness, Floor, Vault & Rebound, Apparatus, Pairs & Groups, Hand Held Apparatus and Dance & Aerobics. 

Participants are trialled and assessed at this clinic before being invited on officially. Our coaches may advise additional sessions within our CORE programme to be able to be ready to come back and be sufficiently equipped.